Pantry Hopes for Future Grants

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Dedicating their life to feeding the hungry.

Gospel Mission Food Pantry in Marietta is looking to become 501(c)(3) certified by the state. The pantry has been open since 2011, is completely non-profit and separate from the state.
Owner, Candy Waite says people in need of food and supplies can come to Gospel Mission as many times a month as they want.
Last Wednesday, a Representative from Senator Rob Portman's office came to visit the pantry.

Waite says they run on donations however it is critical this is expedited so they can apply for grants and grow because the community is in need.

"Yes, when we get the 501C3 expedited through Congressman Bill Johnson and Senator Rob Portman this will allow us to get grants that will open other doors up for us. Where we are a community run food pantry, and it will allow us to get those types of grants that's available," said Candy Waite, Co-founder, Gospel Mission Food Pantry.

Waite says she does not know when they will hear, it is now in the hands of Senator Rob Portman's office and the IRS. She hopes sooner than later because with five Wednesdays in the month of July, food starts to run thin.

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