Parents Accused of Leaving Child Alone While They Drank

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A child awakens alone in a Marietta hotel room and starts running down the hallways screaming for his mother.

His parents face charges tonight.

Marietta police arrested 36-year-old Jodi Rene Barth and 36-year-old Ricky Lee O'Rourke, Jr.

They're both from Reynoldsburg, Ohio - a Columbus suburb.

They're both charged with endangerment.

Guests of the hotel found Barth's son running around the motel's hallways early Sunday morning looking for his mother.

Police found his parents sleeping in another room a couple of doors down.

"If you are going to be staying in a motel, you need to keep your children with you," says Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite. "There should be an adult present or a very responsible juvenile stay with him if you have to leave for some reason. But partying is not an acceptable excuse to leave your child alone in a motel room."

Police say both O'Rourke and Barth had been drinking.

They were taken to the Washington County Jail.

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