UPDATE: Apartment Tenant Speaks Out About Fire

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UPDATE: 12/26/2013 7:41 PM

A family Christmas turns into loss and mourning for a Parkersburg couple (Shawn and Tammy Fullerton) that lost their apartment to fire.

"When we got back everything was pretty much gone and ruined,” Shawn Fullerton says. “They had the fire out and we lost our dog and our two cats.”

Just an immeasurable loss.

"It’s very hard, we had to go bury our pets,” Shawn says. “Went to our river lots out in Ritchie County to put 'em out there."

Their dog jumped up on the stove.

"And started the stove and everything started in the kitchen and then it just started from there,” Shawn says. “Everything upstairs and a lot downstairs."

Everyone's pitching in.

"We’ve got a lot of friends and family helping us out right now and trying to just get us some clothes and stuff to hold us off 'til we get back on our feet,” Shawn says.

The situation is being handled, from the Red Cross to their insurance agent.

"He’s going to set us up in a hotel for right now until we can figure something else out,” Shawn says. “Just staying at our neighbor's, our friend's house right now so we can keep an eye on the place 'til we can get everything out that's gonna be salvageable."

What will become of the apartment is not known at this point, but a cleaning crew is coming in.

"To try and clean anything that they think might be able to be saved. As for the apartment, my landlord -- I haven't really talked to him. I don't know if they’re going to be able to save it or just tear it down,” Shawn says.

It's tough to fathom what happened.

"I haven't really got anything set up but we've had so many friends and family that are wanting to donate stuff,” Shawn says. “I really haven't had the time to or the place to know where to, ya know; bring it yet."

But the Fullertons are trying to stay positive.

"Cause we're just in the middle right now,” Shawn says.

The fire was under control in 15 minutes but not before it had caused nearly $45,000 in damage.

UPDATE: 12/26/2013 4:40 PM

A joyous Christmas turns into a holiday tragedy as a Parkersburg couple loses their apartment to fire.

What started as a family Christmas in Harrisville became a frantic trip back to Parkersburg for Shawn and Tammy Fullerton.

The couple was at Tammy's mom's for Christmas when they got the call their house was on fire.

A passerby noticed smoke coming from the property and called 911.

It was under control in 15 minutes but their loss is immeasurable.

"When we got back everything was pretty much gone and ruined," says Shawn Fullerton. "They had the fire out and we lost our dog and our two cats."

The fire department is calling the fire accidental after the Fullerton's dog jumped up on the stove.

Shawn says it began in the kitchen, then spread.

Their beloved pets died from smoke inhalation and most of their possessions were destroyed by fire and smoke damage.

The situation is being handled by the Red Cross and the Fullerton's insurance agent, who's setting them up in a hotel until they can get back on their feet.

And friends and family are doing everything they can to help.

A fire early Christmas morning leaves a Parkersburg couple without a home.

Firefighters were called to a home on Beech Street around 10:30 Wednesday morning.

They arrived to heavy smoke showing from a two story garage apartment.

The fire was extinguished in 15 minutes, but not before it caused nearly $45,000 in damage.

The occupants were not home at the time.

They lost most of their possessions due to the fire, including a dog and two cats which died of smoke inhalation.

Fire investigators say it started in the kitchen, but the cause is still unknown.

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