UPDATE: Meeting for Parkersburg Bedding Employees

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Update: 10/11/2013 9:30 pm

They lost their jobs a month ago when Parkersburg Bedding closed its doors. On Friday a rapid response meeting helped them get back on their feet.

"It’s been very stressful and kind of depressing,” says David Fluharty of Pakersburg, an IT worker who was with the company for 12 years.

It's tough not having a routine everyday.

"We got a lot of skilled workers in there and it's culture shock all of a sudden,” says Tim Farr, president of Workers United Local 1526. “Hopefully this'll help us adapt to the situation."

Charlie Whitecotton of Vienna is trying to find his footing after a decade at Parkersburg Bedding as a machine operator.

"Still taking some getting used to,” Whitecotton says. “I’m 49 years old; I’ve never been unemployed in my life -- it's kind of a new thing for me. I'm just hoping to get back out there and get back to work somewhere."

Losing a job is never easy, but there are resources out there that can help.

"I’m tickled to death everybody attended, hopefully we can use this information as a tool to help us and seek employment,” Farr says.

David has a plan.

"Continue to apply online and in the papers and use any services that they offer to help me get a job,” he says.

Various local agencies are doing what they can to make the process easier.

"Workforce has been working with us a lot,” Whitecotton says. “Just trying to find out our options and get the ball rolling."

Everyone's just trying to keep the faith.

"Trying to stay positive,” Fluharty says.

Those who need additional information about unemployment, credit counseling or healthcare can call the Parkersburg Workforce office at (304) 420-4531 or DHHR (304) 420-2560.


UPDATE 10/11/2013 04:40 PM

A month ago Parkersburg Bedding workers lost their jobs when the company announced it's shutting down.

Friday a rapid response meeting helped them get back on their feet.

David Fluharty, an IT worker from Parkerburg, was with the company 12 years and says since he was laid off it's been very stressful and kind of depressing.

Fluharty has been actively looking for a new opportunity and that's his plan.

"Continue to apply online and in the papers and use any services that they offer to help me get a job," he says.

As for Friday's informational meeting, Fluharty thinks it's going to be helpful for everyone who attended as they move forward, including getting unemployment.
UPDATE 10/9/2013 4:45 PM

Parkersburg Bedding is closing its plant November 12.

But now there are resources for workers who lost their job.

A Rapid Response meeting being held Friday in Parkersburg will help with credit counseling, healthcare, unemployment benefits and more.

Tim Farr, president of Workers United Local 1526 says Workforce West Virginia and DHHR will be there, along with various local agencies.

"It helps people find employment; it'll have a reach out program, more or less assist workers in resumes, interviewing (and) job seeking skills," Farr says.

He says the meeting will be beneficial and encourages everyone who worked at Parkersburg Bedding, whether on current layoff or in the military, to attend.

It's this Friday at 1 p.m. in the Fort Boreman Rooms, 321 Market Street.
Parkersburg bedding announced Friday it will shut down the plant on November 12th.

In a letter released to WTAP, the 70 remaining employees of the plant were notified of the decision.

According to the letter, workers no longer need to report to work unless specifically told by the plant manager.

The letter also states the company plans to bargain with the union over the effects of the closure.

The company says it intends to maintain employees on its payroll and continue their wages and benefits - pending a meeting with the union.
However, all employment will be terminated on the official closing day - November 12th.

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