Parkersburg City Council Approves Pay Raise; Old Uptowner Inn Update

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In an 8-1 vote, Parkersburg City Council members approved a pay raise for city employees.

It's an increase to base pay. Two dollars per hour for the police department and $1 per hour for the fire department. All other full time and appointed part-time employees will have $.70 added to their base pay.

And there's one more step until they deal for the old Uptowner Inn is complete.

Before the council meeting, members of the finance committee agreed to send the proposal before council.

"Well in the finance committee they unanimously agreed to move the proposal forward on the old Uptowner Inn property for an extended stay hotel. It goes to full council now for one reading as a resolution next Tuesday night we'll seal the deal from the city's standpoint," says Parkersburg City Mayor Bob Newell.

Mayor Newell says most council members were at the finance meeting Tuesday night. He doesn't expect any opposition next week when it's presented before council.

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