UPDATE: Parkersburg Firefighters Donate to Cancer Screening Program

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UPDATE 11/11/2013 5:20 PM

Last month one group of Wood County firefighters went pink to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Now they're giving that money away to help those who need it most.

The Parkersburg Fire Department presented a check of over $5,000 Monday morning to the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

Firefighters sold pink t-shirts throughout October to raise the money.

Representatives of the program say the donation will be good for 50 free mammogram screenings.

"Even if one of those mammograms is an early detection that helps save one person's life, it's going to mean more to that person and that family than it could ever mean to me," says Shelly Dusic, representing the program. "And I'm incredibly grateful that I get to give these guys that opportunity and they haven given our women that opportunity."

"A couple months ago, I was approached by a firefighter Mike Bartenschlag about selling these t-shirts," says Parkersburg Fire Chief Eric Taylor. "It's actually a wonderful program across the nation but we'd never done it here in Parkersburg."

Our community really came through supporting the program.

Chief Taylor says the department sold over 500 t-shirts.

The $5,000 will also go towards covering uninsured or under-insured West Virginia women.
Parkersburg's Firehouse 1 is proudly wearing their pink t-shirts throughout the month of October to help beat the disease that touches so many.

The firemen are wearing the pink tees in support of breast cancer awareness and the public can have one too for $15.

Lt. Kevin Siers says all the proceeds go to the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, which pays for screening and diagnostic services.

"Whether we have somebody in our family who's actually got breast cancer or not, most of us have had that four or five day waiting period, while we waited to see the results of our wife or girlfriend or mother or sister... to see the results of the mammogram, so all of us have been affected by breast cancer," Siers says.

He says just stop in to the fire station to get a tee.

Wear pink and tell your friends to as well.

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