Parkersburg Getting Federal Funding to Address Homelessness

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UPDATE 9/9/13 5:05 P.M.

The State of West Virginia receives $23.6 million in federal funding, thanks to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Development Director Ann Conageski says the $814,000 awarded specifically to Parkersburg is used for a variety of funding programs.

The process begins as early as Feburary with two public hearings to include the public on how to spend the money.

So Conageski says each year is a little bit different.

This year the city has $14,000 more to work with.

The federal funding is paying off two firetrucks, paying off the remainder of the loan for Point Park, a minor repairs program, a code officer, community policing efforts and a police sub-station on Avery.

"This is money that comes back directly into the community, without passing through individual programs that target certain things and the community can decide what they need and place it within the constraints of the rules and regulations of the program and place it where the community thinks they need to have the money," Conageski says.

Over $272,000 will also go to the home program.
Parkersburg is getting over $800,000 to address homelessness.

Monday, $23 million in federal funding is going towards affordable housing and homeless prevention and relief in the state of West Virginia.

It comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.

Parkersburg will get over $800,000 of that to develop communities, plus nearly $300,000 to expand affordable housing opportunities.

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