Parkersburg Homecoming 2012 Kicks Off

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The vendors are here, the acts are warming up, and the Parkersburg Homecoming is getting ready to kick off with a weekend full of events.

"We all have a little bit of child left in us," says Parkersburg Homecoming President, Randall Roberts.

From carnival rides to fair food, the Parkersburg Homecoming brings together children and even adults that are still children at heart.

"We got a pinball machine. One of five of the largest in the world," says Roberts.

Some new events, "it's just like an above ground pool. It's about 2 feet high. They get in these bubbles and roll around. I saw some pictures of someone doing it and it's gonna be exciting."

And even old favorite, "the fireworks are always key. The entertainment we get. It's nationally known and really exciting, Bucky Covington, Midnight Special, and Charlie Daniels on Sunday."

"We love coming to West Virginia. The crowd is always so alive," says the country music superstar himself, Bucky Covington.

A perfect weekend for a family outing that's also easy on the wallet.
"The thing that most people don't understand is that all our entertainment is free. They keep calling asking how much it costs to get into the event. All that's free. The only money you spend is what you choose to on our rides, food, and various activities."

This year is sure to be bigger than the rest.
"I think this is going to be larger than last year. We had around 40 thousand people last year. his is going to be huge and the weather looks like it's going to be nice to us."

For a full list of the weekend's events, click on the hot button.

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