UPDATE: Parkersburg Police Department Holds Physical Test

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UPDATE 1/20/2014 9:45 AM

With the need for more police to patrol our streets, the Parkersburg Police Department held a physical test Saturday morning at Parkersburg High School, another step towards the State Police Academy.

After completing the written test, those who passed moved onto the physical test.

Each candidate had one minute to complete 27 sit ups, another minute to complete 18 push ups, and 15 minutes 20 seconds to run 1.5 miles.

Parkersburg Police Sergeant Greg Collins says not many make it through.

They want to hire good candidates, not just fill positions, and Saturday's cold weather was a true test.

"These guys are up against it when it's warm outside. So today we know it's rough but these are the elements they're going to have to face when they go to the state police academy. It's the elements they're going to have to face when they come to work in the winter time so we can't show any favoritism to the weather and we have a need for officers right now. So unfortunately we had to give the test today," he says.

Those who did pass moved on, going downtown to fill out paper work and complete both a psychological evaluation and background test.

Call it your chance to protect and serve.

The Parkersburg Police Department needs new officers.

The department recently exhausted their current list of qualified candidates.

So a new applicant test is scheduled for January.

Chief Joseph Martin says more than 100 applied the last time the department was hiring.

It's a very competitive process beginning with the written entry level exam followed by the agility phase then background testing.

"I believe in what we do and the process in what we do it in," says Chief Martin. "But it is time consuming and does take some time to do the backgrounds to be thorough so that we do get qualified folks that we can put in uniform."

Although there's only one spot to be filled, the test will give the department the ability to select from the qualified candidates as positions become available.

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