Parkersburg Gets Ready For 2012 Homecoming Celebration

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The Parkersburg Police Department is already taking steps to prepare for Homecoming 2012.

"Anytime we have that many people in a central location we automatically go into a special event operations mode," explains Sgt. Greg Collins with the Parkersburg Police Department. "Basically, what that means is that we don't take anything to chance, we prepare for the worst. It's just something that is the responsibility of the police department... to make sure that everybody is safe and secure while doing the things they like."

One of the biggest concerns for police each year is children being separated from their parents. Sgt. Collins says taking proper precautions can greatly reduce the stress surrounding the potentially nerve racking situation.

"Our command center will be in the area of second and Juliana Street where it always is. Parents- if they could carry a current photograph of their child and remember what their child is wearing when they are at the homecoming events that would help greatly" Sgt. Collins says. "And also take your kids to that area- show them where the command center is and if the child would happen to get separated tell them to report to that area and we'll be happy to watch after them until a parent can be located."

While it may be easy to get caught up in the excitement and atmosphere of homecoming Sgt. Collins says the police will be on the look out for those who may pose a threat to public safety.

"First and foremost alcohol and drug use will not be permitted at all. You will be removed from the area completely and immediately. Secondly, no pets, Rollerblades, skateboards anything like that. Again it's just about making sure that everybody has a stress free time while they are attending homecoming."

Sgt. Collins adds that emergency lines at the Pakersburg Police Department and 911 Center are to be used in emergencies only. Neither the police nor the dispatchers have a schedule of the events for homecoming and tying up those lines to ask homecoming related questions prevents emergency calls from coming in.

Additionally, Sgt. Collins asks that everyone review the course for the News and Sentinel Half Marathon and schedule an alternative route well in advance of Saturday August 18th. Below is a list of the intersections that will be effected by the Half Marathon and/or parade.

3rd Street & Juliana Street
4th Street & Juliana Street
6th Street & Juliana Street
7th Street & Juliana Street
8th Street & Juliana Street
9th Street & Juliana Street
10th Street & Juliana Street
11th Street & Juliana Street
12th Street & Juliana Street
13th Street & Juliana Street
13th Street & Ann Street
13th Street & Murdoch Ave
13th Street & Garfield Ave
12th Street & Garfield Ave
6th Street & Murdoch Ave
4th Street & Ann Street
8th Street & Clay Street
3rd Street & Ann Street
US 50/Rt. 68 & Blennerhassett Heights
Blennerhassett Heights & Fries Pkwy
Fries Pkwy & Marrtown Rd.
Rt. 95 & Marrtown Rd.
Rt. 95 & 8th Ave.
Rt. 95 & Gihon Rd.
Gihon Rd. & Exit Ramp
Gihon Rd. & Lost Pavement Rd.
Gihon Rd. & Hope Hill Rd.
Gihon Rd. & Nash Street
Gihon Rd. & Villa Drive
Gihon Rd. & Division Street
Gihon Rd. & Neal Street
Gihon Rd. & Hamilton Street
Gihon Rd. & Hugh Street
Gihon Rd. & Belmont Street
Gihon Rd. & Lenore Street
Gihon Rd. & Pennsylvania Ave.
Gihon Rd. & David Lee Drive
Gihon Rd. & Capital Drive
Gihon Rd. & Pinewood Village
Gihon Rd. & Beverly Street
Gihon Rd. & Hampton Street
Gihon Rd. & Fairfax Street
Gihon Rd. & Shopping Center (Bank)
Gihon Rd. & Tygart St.
Gihon Rd. and Shopping Center (Wendy’s)
Gihon Rd. & Pike Street
18th Ave. & Rayon Drive
17th Ave. & Rayon Drive
16th Ave. & Rayon Drive
15th Ave. & Rayon Drive
14th Ave. & Rayon Drive
12th Ave. & Rayon Drive
11th Ave. & Rayon Drive
10th Ave. & Rayon Drive
9th Ave. & Rayon Drive
Rt. 95 & Rayon Drive
Camden Ave. & Rayon Drive
Camden Ave. & Cale Street
Camden Ave. & Porter Drive
Camden Ave & Cresent Street
Camden Ave. & Postlewait Street
Camden Ave. & Ward Street
Camden Ave. & Elder Street
Camden Ave. & Wilbur Street
Camden Ave. & Fern Street
Camden Ave. & Broadway Ave.
Camden Ave. & Olive Street
Camden Ave. & Myrtle Street
Camden Ave. & Laurel Street
Camden Ave. & Hickory Street
Camden Ave. & Kanawha Street
Camden Ave. & Parmaco Street
Rt. 95 & Camden Ave
Rt. 95 & Buckeye Street
Rt. 95 & East Street
Rt. 95 & Fairfax Street
Rt. 95 & Hugh Street
Rt. 95 & Neal Street
5th Street & US 50 East Ramps
5th Street and US 50 West Ramps
5th Street & Gale Street
5th Street & Green Street
5th Street & Avery Street
6th Street & Avery Street
7th Street & Avery Street
8th Street & Avery Street
9th Street & Avery Street
Clay Street & Avery Street
10th Street & Avery Street
11th Street & Avery Street
12th Street & Avery Street
13th Street & Avery Street
13th Street & Cornwall Alley
13th Street & Spring Street
13th Street & Quincy Street
13th Street & St. Marys Ave.
13th Street & Highland Ave.
13th Street & Camden Place
13th Street & Wells Circle
13th Street & Lynn Street
14th Street & Lynn Street
15th Street & Lynn Street
16th Street & Lynn Street
17th Street & Lynn Street
17th Street & St. Marys Ave.
17th Street & Beaver Street
17th Street & Covert Street
17th Street & Spring Street
17th Street & Avery Street
17th Street & Market Street
16th Street & Market Street
13th Street & Market Street
11th Street & Market Street
10th Street & Market Street
9th Street & Market Street
8th Street & Market Street
7th Street & Market Street
5th Street & Market Street

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