Parkersburg Police Investigate Man's Death

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Parkersburg detectives spent Wednesday morning in Charleston at the state medical examiner's office.

It all started Friday night when Parkersburg Police received a call about a domestic dispute on 32nd Street.

According to officials, Paul Blosser of Parkersburg was very drunk, and then turned angry, stealing his girlfriend's purse, then hitting her in the face.

Blosser ran away from the home and a witness says she watched him fall into another mobile home, get up, and fall a second time, face first on the concrete.

When officers arrived at the scene, Blosser was lying on his back and unresponsive, with injuries to his face.

Blosser was transported to Camden Clark Medical Center and placed in the ICU on life support.

He was removed from life support Tuesday night, and died shortly after.

"We asked that the body be taken to the medical examiner for an autopsy to determine the manner of death. And potentially point us in the direction of the cause of death even. This is suspicious at this point just to make sure it's not a homicide. People do lie to us from time to time and we have to sort through that to make sure we gather all the information we can," says Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin.

The girlfriend's name is not being released at this time.

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