UPDATE: Man Sues Parkersburg Police Officer In Aftermath of Car Crash

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UPDATE 8/20/2015 2:54 PM

In Wood County Court Thursday, Parkersburg Police Officer Daniel Miller files a counterclaim in response to Kevin Allman's lawsuit.

Allman is suing Miller in regards to car crash that happened between the two back in August 2013.

Investigators say Miller was driving down Murdoch Avenue to help an officer respond to a call, when his cruiser and Allman's vehicle collided.

An investigation from the Wood County Crash Team reported that Miller tried to change lanes to avoid the crash and that no citations were issued.

The City of Parkersburg is also named in the suit. Court officials say the trial is continued and will start at a later date.

UPDATE 9/16/2013 5:40 PM

The Parkersburg police cruiser running lights and sirens had the right of way before it crashed into a car backing out onto Grand Central Avenue.

That's the conclusion of the Wood County crash team, which investigated the accident involving city police officer Daniel Miller.

The report released today says a Pontiac Grand Am driven by Kevin Allman pulled into the path of the cruiser without stopping.

It adds officer Miller tried to change lanes to avoid the crash.

Still...crash team deputy Mike Deem says no citations are being issued from the August 22nd accident.

A traffic accident, involving a police cruiser, slows traffic in Parkersburg Thursday morning.

It all happened sometime after 10:00am on Murdoch Avenue, near the Buffalo Wild Wings.

Parkersburg Police chief Joe Martin says an officer was responding to help out another officer with a call, when a another vehicle pulled out in front of him.

The driver of that vehicle, a Pontiac Grand Prix, is identified as Kevin Allman, 35, of Parkersburg. A preliminary report says Allman was pulling out from Lakeview Center shopping plaza, also going southbound, when he struck the cruiser.

"We're calling on the Wood County Crash Team to investigate this," Martin said at the scene, "to get an outside department to investigate it thoroughly and talk to the witnesses. We want the other departments to look into it, to get an accurate account of what happened."

Martin says the officer, Dan Miller, did have his lights and sirens on.

Both Miller and Allman were treated at Camden Clark Medical Center and released.

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