Parkersburg Police Respond To 162 Calls NYE

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It was a busy New Years Eve night for the Parkersburg Police Department. Officers responded to over 162 calls between four p.m. and six a.m.

Police say the number of calls is normal for New Years Eve, but still high for any other day.

The calls mostly consist of loud partying or parking complaints.

Police say they were prepared with some extra man power, but are still understaffed even with the increase in calls.

"We are staffing as best as we can. We are short on manpower at this time. Our calls are going up. Our patrol division is under an extreme workload often. So they're handling it with the same number of officers they always have," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins.

He says even with a high number of calls Monday night, police responded as quickly and efficiently as possible, preventing any serious incidents.

"We were able to get through the holiday without any fatality or any serious injuries that I know of and that's important. There's a lot of families on the road and we want to do our part to be seen and enforce traffic laws and protect them."

Despite the heavy number of calls, police responded to only one call of a fight. It was at a bar on Emerson Avenue.

There were also seven crashes in Parkersburg on Monday, most of them weather related.

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