UPDATE: Parkersburg Police Need Volunteers For Substation

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UPDATE: 11/27/2012

The new substation is open for business, but Parkersburg Police need help running it.

The purpose of the new substation is to help clean up a bad neighborhood, but police can't do it alone.

They need your help operating the substation that right now is managed by just one officer.

"They can be just a vital part of what we do here by helping us serve the public and let our officers stay on patrol and do investigations," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins.

Police are looking for volunteers to help people fill out basic reports and you don't need to have law enforcement experience to apply.

"The qualifications for the people that would be our volunteers: They have to be 18 years old. Submit to a background check. They can't have any felony or certain misdemeanor arrest and they have to have the right attitude because they will be representing our department."

Police say in order for the substation to do it's job and help keep the community safe, they need the help from the direct community.

"The people that live in that area we're hoping will come in and be some of the volunteers. What we always hear is it didn't used to be this way and we want to get that quality of life back for people and I think that's what that substation can do for us, but it will take volunteers because we do not have the police staffing to do everything that we want to do."

If you're interested, you can download an application on the Parkersburg Police website, which we've linked to ours. Just click on the Hot Button.

They're trying to have a better presence in a bad neighborhood. The Parkersburg Police Department announced Monday the opening of their new substation.

It's on the corner of 13th Street and Avery. It's designed to do the same as the other substation, located at City Park .

Police say the new substation will be available for people during regular business hours. Basic reports can be filed there and police hope the stronger presence lets people know they're worknig to help clean up the area.

"It's no secret that crime is prevalent there, especially in regards to petty crimes and it frustrates us, but given the number of officers we have to tend to the number of calls we have, sometimes the smaller things have to wait," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins.

The same officer will run both stations, and police hope volunteers will be able to keep the new station running strong.

"We're short on staff. It's going to be a difficult task for us to have that substation. It's definitely a step in the right direction. We need to be in that neighborhood. We want to be in that neighborhood. "

And police are asking people to be patient. This new substation is a step in the right direction, but police say it's not going to solve all the problems at once.

"we will be as successful as the community that gets involved allows us to be. We're very hopeful after listening to people speak how happy they are that we're there. We're going to make a good effort to make that a better neighborhood."

All funding for both sub stations is through a community development block grant fund, not directly from taxpayer dollars. That includes the officer's salary and rent and utilities for the new space.

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