Salt Being Used "Sparingly" Locally

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Another winter storm leaves another slushy, snowy mess around the Valley.

And despite salt shortages across the country, here in the Valley supplies are getting low, but officials say there's no need to panic about running out.

This has been one of the most harsh winters in decades and with another storm bringing ice and snow all across the Valley Sunday night, the amount of salt used in many cities has been double what's been used in the past.

In Parkersburg last week the city had about 100 tons of salt on hand.

They ordered 600 tons but due the the river being frozen and other cities needing the salt, getting what was ordered was delayed.

During each snow storm crews usually put down anywhere from 100 to 130 tons of salt around roads in Parkersburg.

Mayor Newell says another 150 tons were delivered this weekend but they are still using the salt sparingly, only putting salt on the most difficult to travel sections of roads.

"We do try to use it sparingly. We hit the hills first. We hit the intersections so that people can stop at the intersections," he says. "A lot of the back streets are going to remain snow covered or ice covered. And people just need to be very, very careful."

There are over 300 miles of roads in Parkersburg and Mayor Newell says there's no way each road can have salt put down, especially when supplies can be limited.

Another thing Mayor Newell said was that Monday night when that temperature drops to single digits, crews will be using a mixture of sand with the salt, since at the lower temperature salt takes longer to melt.

But as of right now there is enough salt in the city, just need to use it sparingly.

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