Parkersburg Teens Pledge To Have A Sober Prom

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Parkersburg South High School seniors sign a pledge not to drink and drive- or make any other destructive decisions.

It's a decades old tradition at the school, and for years it has been sponsored by local businesses like McCrady Jones Insurance.

Co-sponsor Joan Jones says it's important to her as a community member and as a mother that students have a safe prom.

That's why her company will pay for dinner for six students on prom night.

Anyone who signs the pledge will get a chance to win the free dinner as well as a limo ride the big event.

Parkersburg South alumni came to speak with the senior class, sharing with them their experiences and wisdom about the dangers of underage and irresponsible drinking.

Students say they raffle is great, but they hope that their classmates will heed the warnings about drinking, and attend prom sober.

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