Parkersburg Woman's Club Celebrates 110th Birthday

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110 years of giving back to Parkersburg and Vienna.

Tuesday they celebrated all the outstanding women who make it happen.

First Lady Joanne Tomblin says one of the things that's wonderful about the Parkersburg Woman's Club is that they have existed as long as they have and are still going strong.

That's because of their service and volunteerism and all the projects they get involved in not just here in town and statewide, but even internationally.

"The women that are in this club, some have been here for many, many years," says Tomblin. "They're role models... for our young people today and we want to bring those young people into the fold."

The First Lady says to teach them how to serve and be involved in their communities and how to be good volunteers, so we keep it going for another 110 years.

Because so many things in our community don't happen unless we have people who serve.

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