Parkersburg Working To Fight Homelessness

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Fighting the homeless problem in Parkersburg. Mayor Bob Newell says the city is working to make a difference.

City officials believe there are about 100 homeless people living in Parkersburg, and that number will grow.

Mayor Newell says the majority of homeless in Parkersburg are transient. One reason they come here, the services the city offers.

"Parkersburg has many services available for homeless people and that word gets around. We have the Salvation Army, and not every city has that. We have the mission on Latrobe. We have the House to Home. There's several organizations here to benefit the homeless."

He says many homeless aren't from the city but may travel here for any number of reasons.

"People when you talk about homelessness they automatically think people down there locally have lost their homes and their living on the streets, and while some of that may occur, the fact really is more there is a transient problem."

Homelessness can also include people who may have a roof over their heads, but not a real home of their own.

"Homelessness really goes a lot further than that. There are people are in shelter, and it may be a family member that simply don't have their own homes. They're sleeping on the couch or floor and technically they're homeless as well."

Mayor Newell adds in order to fight the problem, the city is putting time and effort into these programs to help people get back on their feet.

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