Parkersburg Hosts the 2012 Special Olympic Fall Games

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This year marked the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

But it's also a time for athletes with disabilities to show off their skills at the 2012 Special Olympics Fall Games right here in Parkersburg.

Athletes throughout West Virginia got to compete in several sporting events such as flag football, volleyball and bowling.

To make sure these athletes were having a good time, volunteers from around the state came to help.

This year, the games were held at Parkersburg South High School.

There were also games and other fun activities for the athletes after competing in their respected sport.

To the athletes, it was all about having a good time and playing the sports they truly love.

"Well it becomes just a true event. Something that means a lot to them. Something they know that regardless of whether they win or lose here, that they are going to lead this event proud of what they done, feeling good about themselves and those memories will last forever," says Fall Games Director John Corbett.

Fans and spectators were also on hand to cheer the athletes on and inspire them to do their best.