Parkersburg Fire Department Hires Firefighter

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Christopher Piggott is the newest member of the Parkersburg Fire Department.

According to Parkersburg Fire Chief Eric Chichester, Piggott left the fire department on good terms to work for the Wood County Sheriff's Office less than two years ago. Since his termination at the Sheriff's Office, Piggott has rejoined the ranks at fire station one.

Chief Chichester says the position Piggott is filling was left open after a retirement.

"In this case, we were down so many, we had a lot of retirees. So, we were able to re-hire. But we won't be able to hire anymore probably into the July area and new fiscal year, Chief Chichester says. "That is strictly the mayor's decision. But he's been working very closely with the fire department and his decisions, to me, have been very responsible. I'm very proud of the decisions he's made for us so far. We work day to day on the budget issues and he's been very helpful to me."

Chief Chichester says he's excited to have Piggott back with the department.

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