Parkersburg Pair to Take India on Three Wheels

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A Parkersburg brother and sister are getting ready to travel halfway around the world and explore a country on three wheels.

Daniel and Jennifer Sjostedt are packing for a trip to India where they will take part in the Rickshaw Run across the country.

A rickshaw is a golf-cart-like vehicle on three wheels.

The pair raised over $2,000 to take part in the event.

All of that money will go to Frank Water Projects, a charity that helps developing countries get clean water.

"I've gone to a couple different developing areas and I've been able to see what happens when you don't have that access," said Jennifer Sjostedt. "It is truly detrimental to the community."

The race is set to take about two weeks.

The pair will document their adventures and chart their progress online.

For a link to that, click on the hotbutton.

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