UPDATE: Pedestrian Hit By Dump Truck Dies

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UPDATE 11/26/2013 10:10 PM

A couple weeks ago we told you about a man being hit by a dump truck on Murdoch Avenue in Parkersburg.

That man, James Postlewaite, III, died on Friday.

The crash is still under investigation but police do not foresee any charges against the dump truck driver.

UPDATE 11/13/2013 12:05 PM

A man is listed in critical condition after being hit by a dump truck Tuesday afternoon in Parkersburg.

It happened on Murdoch Avenue around 3:00 Tuesday in front of the CVS drug store.

Parkersburg Police say James Postlewaite, III walked out in front of a J.C. Bosley Construction truck.

He was flown to Charleston General Hospital and is listed in critical condition.

The construction truck was driven by Carl Delaney.

The crash team does not foresee any charges against him.

The crash sent traffic to only one lane, backing up cars all the way to Camden Clark Medical Center.
According to a Parkersburg Police Officer, the pedestrian walked out in front of a Bosley Construction dump truck, that was driving in the right hand lane.

The man was flown to Charleston, due to the injuries he sustained.

The Wood County Sheriff Department crash team is still investigating the accident.

11/12/13 Update 9:29

The Wood County 911 Center says authorities responded Tuesday to an accident at the corner of Emerson and Murdoch Avenues near CVS Pharmacy.

Dispatchers say a pedestrian was hit by a dump truck.

The condition of the pedestrian is unknown.

Only the far left lane of Murdoch Avenue is open from the intersection of Emerson Avenue to Texas Roadhouse.

The accident is under investigation.

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