Patrol Making More Drug Arrests

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Crediting some observant troopers and you at home, the Ohio State Highway Patrol says it's making more and more drug related arrests.

Through last month troopers made more than 5,600 total drug arrests across Ohio.

That's up 44 percent over the past three years.

Marijuana tops this year's list of drug seizures at over 1.4 million grams.

Troopers also collected nearly 35,000 pills.

They say the spike in arrests is part of making our roads safer.

"We're just asking troopers to take a little more time, talk to the people who they stop, and look for indicators that would give us some type of indication if they're possible drug carriers or have narcotics inside the vehicle," says Lt. Carlos Smith, with the Marietta Post.

Lt. Smith says public participation is a big part of highway safety

To report impaired drivers or drug activity contact the Highway Patrol by calling #677.

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