Patrol Officers Practice Shooter Scenarios

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In the wake of recent school shootings like Sandy Hook and Chardon, patrol officers are learning how react when there's an immediate threat.

They're often first on the scene when these types of scenarios play out. For four years Parkersburg Police and their SWAT team have worked to educate officers on how to communicate in shooting situations.

whether it be a school, mall, or other densely populated areas, knowing how to work with SWAT teams is crucial for local law enforcement.

Those initial reactions can be the difference in saving lives.

"That's when they really start learning. They learn their own personal capabilities, they learn their own mentality. And we preach, and preach and preach, you have to have a warrior mindset to do this. We're asking these officers to run into a building where people are being murdered and get to those suspects as fast as possible to save lives," says Parkersburg Police Sergeant Greg Collins.

Guns are loaded paintball-like bullets during the training to simulate gunfire.

12 officers with Vienna, Parkersburg, and Marietta College completed the two-day training.

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