Pay for West Virginia Teachers

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They want higher pay for teachers, and now the West Virginia Education Association takes it all the way to the state legislature to make it reality.

Greg Merritt, president of the Wood County American Federation of Teachers, says teacher's pay is an ongoing issue in West Virginia and has been his entire career of 28 years.

So to publicly request a raise of some sort from the state is not unusual.

"We're right at the bottom, sometimes we have been at the very bottom over the years and it's unfortunate because teachers work really, really hard," Merritt says. "I personally know a lot of teachers who work a second job or who supplement their income."

They may tutor or do something school-related just to get by.

Merritt says it's a shame as many young teachers have student loans to pay off and many veteran teachers are trying to raise a family.

He adds that better salaries would be a step in the right direction.

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