Area Stores Busy With Chistmas Returns

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You most likely remember the long lines on Black Friday.

But the day after Christmas was no different as customers went to area retail stores exchanging gifts or getting refunds.

No matter the reason, it brought people in the door at the Grand Central Mall.

Marketing Director, Katrina Stephens was pleased with the large turnout.

"The traffic has been really good today. it's been a lot of traffic in the mall, the kids are out of school, a lot of people are off from work as well. they take vacation days and maybe save up those days to use around Christmas time."

With the high volume of people, you'd think it would really try some people's patience.

"It seems like everything is running pretty smooth today on refunds. Volume gets a little long sometimes but seems like the customers are pretty patient," says Hardlines Assistant, Jeanne Massey.

"I think it's nice, everyone still seems to be in a relatively good mood. Everyone is being courteous and nice, so it's a very pleasant experience," added Michael K. Easton.

On top of returns, the after Christmas sales at the mall and at K-Mart in Parkersburg really brought a turn out.

"Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale which is one of their biggest promotions of the year, The Children's Place has items as low as $4.99, Aeropostale is always really a high producing store," replied Stephens.

"We sold a lot electronic products this year, like Nintendo DS' and televisions," Massey said.

Stephens offers advice to those planning on exchanging gifts or returning them.

"The best bet is to make sure you have your receipt with you and the bag that it came in, but a lot of stores are able to work around that if they don't have their receipt."

Making gift returning hassle-free and keeping the holidays a reason to celebrate.

Store managers added that they expect to be busy handling gift returns the rest of the week and into the new year.

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