People Urged To Clear Storm Drains

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Following 24 hours of plowing and shoveling those storm drains are covered with snow.

This next storm system could really back things up even more with a heavy rain.

That's the worry, especially on side streets.

Lots of snow is still around the sidewalks and cars.

At the corner of Colegate Drive and Spring Street in Marietta neighbors say this can get very dangerous.

If the storm drains are clogged, water has no where to go, flooding the intersection.

Storm clean up continued throughout the day Tuesday.

City workers are still trying to clear streets and homeowners are digging out their cars and driveways.

The forecast is bringing more bad weather and community members are concerned the snow or rain will have no place to go.

Marietta City Streets Superintendent Todd Stockel says so far the city snow removal as gone very well, with 7 to 9 inches in different areas.

They are still working to get parking lanes and traffic lanes opened up.

Stockel asks people when they shovel to throw it to the upper part of the driveway so when they plow they won't plow them right back in.

He says they are clearing the catch basins as well.

He says hopefully it's warmer rain that will melt some of the snow.

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