Peoples Bank Display Brings Back Memories

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It's a long-standing tradition in Marietta.

The Peoples Bank holiday windows are again lighting up the company's downtown headquarters.

The "Under the Christmas Tree" theme includes six larger-than-life scenes of Christmas morning.

Michael Balsimo from Peoples Bank says the animated displays date back to the early 60's and feature juggling bears, monkeys with wind-up keys, victorian dolls, marionettes, animated reindeer and toy soldiers.

"It's just tradition and it's a sense of the past that you don't really get anymore," he says. "There's a really hometown feel to it, I think. A lot of companies aren't doing these kind of displays anymore, especially around here."

Balsimo says the windows are very much inspired by Macy's and bringing back that sense of history.

That's why they continue to grow it every year because people just love them.

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