UPDATE: Water Drains At Marietta Theatre, Leaves Muddy Mess Behind

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UPDATE 2/6/2014 5:20 PM

Four feet of water flooded the basement of the Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta Wednesday.

Director Hunt Brawley tells us most of the water drained overnight.

They did have to pump the low level areas Thursday morning where the theater is under construction.

He says no real damage, but there is mud everywhere.

Crews are still trying to find the exact place the water pipe cracked but haven't yet from all the mud.

He says they will be able to keep working with no big issues.

A broken water main they thought was turned off.

That mistake flooded the Peoples Bank Theatre with four feet of water.

This historic theater project really is a big deal for downtown, saving the old Colony with help from Peoples Bank and other investors.

It was like a waterfall - you could hear it loud and clear.

They were trying to figure out where the water was coming from and it just kept flowing.

Crews working on the Marietta City Building came over to the theater for supplies and they noticed what was happening, finally figuring out that the line was open and the valve backwards.

It had frozen and cracked, leaving multiple feet of water under the theater.

The Peoples Bank Theatre is currently under construction.

Officials say they are going to pump it all out and everything should be fine.

Theater director Hunt Brawley has no concerns about this impacting the construction or delaying the process.

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