Pets As Gifts?

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Giving a pet for Christmas requires a lot of thought: age of the child, cost of the animal, time and care.

Michelle Earl from the Humane Society of Parkersburg says everyone gets excited at Christmas to give their child a pet.

But just because your child loves animals doesn't mean they're ready for the responsibility.

"Most children, really until they're over the age of 10, are not really ready for a full-time commitment of an animal, of a cat or a dog especially," Earl says. "Now sometimes when you have younger children - five to 10 - you might be able to look at something like a guinea pig or a fish."

Earl says after the excitement of Christmas is over, often the animals are returned to the shelter or even abandoned.

If you do decide to add a pet to your family for the holidays, the Humane Society offers gift certificates, and remember to make an appointment with the SPOT Clinic for spay or neutering.

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