Pinwheels For Prevention

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It's a sign of Child Abuse Awareness Month, pinwheels in yards and gardens across the valley.

"In 2008, they adopted the pinwheel as their symbol for the national movement to prevent child abuse and neglect," says Children's Home Society of West Virginia Program Specialist, Lisa Weaver.

Pinwheels are blowing in the wind, placed in flower pots and gardens all over the valley, but these pinwheels are for a purpose.

"The pinwheel is the symbol that it's your turn to make a difference. As the wind blows and the pinwheel turns, it's to remind us that everybody has a role to play in the prevention of abuse and neglect."

The childhood toy represents laughter and joy in many of our lives. Happiness, child awareness experts hope we pass on to kids right here at home.

"When you see that pinwheel it brings you back to some good childhood memories, we hope, and to remind you to think of someone in your life that might have made a difference to you to pay it forward and do what you can do to support children in your community, families, or in your neighborhood."

Support that comes from everyone working together to prevent child abuse and neglect before it's too late.

"People might not have the resources they need, so that's the focus on prevention, is it give people the resources they need to build a stronger family."

Taking a turn to keep our children safe.

"Everybody has a role to play, and you can make a difference in the life of a child."

This Friday, there will be a Children's Flag Day, honoring Child Abuse Awareness Month. It starts at noon at bicentennial park in downtown Parkersburg.

For more information on services provided from the Children's Home Society, click on the hot button.

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