Pioneer Pipe and WCCC Apprentice Program

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Welders can now get a good education and skills for a lifetime at Pioneer Pipe's apprenticeship program.

Chairman Dave Archer says the program with Washington County Career Center gives the students an opportunity to stay in the community and get a great paying job in the future.

He says the old adage of leaving and going somewhere else to get a better job won't apply to these welders.

“The career centers actually recommend to our committee six students each fall from their center to come into the program and that's based on criteria that the career centers pick,” Archer says.
“It's not necessarily on being an 'A' student. “There's work ethic and welding ability and mechanical ability.”

Archer says this is the second year of the program and they went to all the participating career centers (Washington, Noble and Monroe) and helped them get the right equipment and instruction.

So these students are a lot better prepared.

The program makes a lot of sense to Amber Suprano, who wants to make a career of this.

“My dad -- he was kinda into it, he did the welding program at the career center and I kinda looked into it and I liked it ever since,” she says.

As for being one of only a few women in the program, Suprano says she doesn't really notice.

Everybody gets treated equally and helps each other out. She plans to keep working hard and making it far as a welder.

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