UPDATE: Jurors Rule in Favor of Former Parkersburg South Student

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UPDATE 7/18/2014 5:20 PM

A former member of Parkersburg South High School's freshman football team wins his case against Wood County Schools.

Adam Cross and his mother are awarded more than $106,000 in damages.

The jury had to consider nearly 20 different questions, but in each of them, they found in favor of Adam Cross.

The charges included negligence, reckless conduct, and, in at least one instance, what was outlined as outrageous conduct.

The defendants were the Wood County Board of Education, three school administrators, and, specifically, then-ninth grade football coach Dwain Sponseller.

It involved a fight between Cross, and a teammate, Drake Mills.

Cross said Sponseller, who was nearby when the locker room fight broke out in October, 2010, did nothing to stop it.

Cross's attorney said the suit is one that never should have come to trial.

"I don't understand why the case had to come this far. It should have been dealt with years ago, and the jury dealt with it that quickly. Just as quickly as the board of education should have," says Jim Leach, Cross's attorney.

Even though it had numerous issues to deal with, the jury reached its verdict in a little less than an hour and a half.

Wood County Superintendent John Flint says the school system is trying to determine how it wants to respond to the verdict.

The jury was also asked to determine the extent, by percentage, of fault of the individuals in the case.

It found coach Sponseller to have 50 percent of the blame, while the school system's share of fault was 30 percent.

UPDATE 7/18/2014 3:10 PM

Jurors found in favor of Adam Cross, the former Parkersburg South High School student who says he was beaten by a teammate on his ninth grade football team and the coach did nothing about it.

Damages in excess of $106,000 will be awarded to Cross and his family: more than $100,000 to Cross, and more than $35,000 to his mother, Lisa Watson.

He says he was beaten by a teammate on his ninth grade football team-and the coach did nothing about it.

The player who brought the case took the stand Wednesday.

Adam Cross was a member of Parkersburg South High School's fresman football team-as was Drake Mills, the student he fought with in the team locker room four years ago.

That fight, Cross said, followed a confrontation the two had at a school bus stop.

Cross testified he underwent surgery and his grades suffered as a result of the 2010 incident.

He says he suffered a broken nose and cheekbone, and bleeding on his brain.

And he told the jury he remembers little after Mills struck him.

"After the first punch, I was blacked out the whole time," Cross recalled on the stand. "The next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground, and I felt my nose and (someone said) it's broke bad."

Cross's teammates testified-and one said he texted classmates-that then-football coach Dwain Sponseller left the locker room during the fight, and, although he was close enough to see it, did nothing to stop it.

Cross said, after the fight, he did not play football again, and, on a doctor's advice, did not participate in the school wrestling team until his senior year in high school.

He did say he participated in boxing.

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