Plans for Rebuilding the Poultry Barn

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A fire leveled the building, just around a month ago.

Plans to re-build the poultry barn at the Washington County Fairgrounds are in the works.

The Washington County Commissioner's meeting today brought in architect David Haught, who was selected last week.

Haught proposed three options for the barn. He says there are many regulations and requirements to follow including, FEMA, Marietta city and the Ohio code.

Haught says the most efficient way to build would be to raise the ground up five feet from where it is now and build a wet, flood proof building.

"It's a integral part of the fair, and we want to replace that building as soon as possible. At this point, to meet the fair this year, will not be feasible with the timeline," said David Haught, Architect.

Haught says the County Commission and the Fair Board are moving as fast as they can in this process.

If Haught's design is approved he will work with Washington County flood plain coordinator and from there they will establish a timeline.

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