Planting Together, Growing Together

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Growing more than just a garden.

The goal of a project Saturday morning, April 27 for Community Service Week will be to promote healthy lifestyles.

Beginning at 9 A.M., members will be preparing and planting gardens at the First Lutheran Church on 19th street, the Lynn Street Church of Christ and the Fellowship Home on George Street.

The vegetables they grow will be used to improve access to fresher, healthier food.

"In this one, so far, (at the First Lutheran Church) we've got cauliflower donated, onions, green beans, we're looking for tomatoes, radishes, peppers," says local AmeriCorps representative Barbara Holt. "Lowe's has volunteered some items after May, and Ward's Market has volunteered."

What's grown will be distributed by the churches to recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Americorps invites anyone wanting to volunteer in planting the gardens to stop by the churches Saturday morning.

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