Planting The Seeds of Beautification

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Some Belpre High students had a good reason to get their hands dirty today.

It's a landscaping project...aimed at beautifying the entrances to the high school.

More than two dozen students spent much of the day planting and gardening ... in an undertaking supported by Belpre high's partner in education, Kraton Polymers.

"This is the first thing people see when they come to visit, or when they come to school in the morning," said teacher Meredith Greene. "Anything we can do to brighten the day, especially at the beginning, will hopefully motivate them for the rest of the day. And if they see us taking pride in the building, they, hopefully also will take pride in the building."

The hope is that people coming to the school for graduation and passing it during the summer will notice Belpre high's new look.

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