UPDATE: State Police Investigating Dead Body On Route 2

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Thursday morning the body of 39-year-old Ben Gabriel was found on the side of the road in Pleasants County, authorities are investigating it as a one car fatal crash.

The crash also leaves portions of Route 2 closed.

It all happened on Rt. 2 right near the former, Silver Spur and Cabot Plant. The West Virginia State Police say a car went of the side of the road, hitting a tree and catching fire, some time over night.

"Right now what we know is that the vehicle was traveling north and we are not really sure what the speed is but we do believe that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed," explains WV State Police First Sgt. Brad Snodgrss. "The vehicle traveled over an embankment, approximately anywhere between 45 to 50 feet over the embankment and collided with a tree head on, and we know that the vehicle had caught fire at some point."

The driver's body was found about a quarter of a mile down the road.

Investigators believe he started to walk along the side of the road when he either was hit by a car or died from injuries.

"Our initial thought is that the driver of this vehicle was able to get out of the vehicle after the crash and negotiate himself up the bank and then was walking along Route 2 last night," continues Sgt. Snodgrass. "We know that it was fairly foggy last night and our initial thought was that he may have been struck by another vehicle, but that we're still investigating."

Troopers got the call around eight this morning when they say the car was still smoldering.

They say the man's ID matches the registration on the car and it is a white, middle aged Ohio man. The name is not currently being released.

An exact time of the accident or when the man was hit is still unknown. So now troopers, along with the Pleasants County Sheriff's Office are looking to the community for some answers.

Anyone who may have been involved, seen an accident, or even the car fire at a certain time, are asked to call the WV State Police at 304-420-4600 or 304-684-7101.

The part of Rt. 2 has been reopened since.
UPDATE: 09/05/2013 10:20am

The West Virginia State Police say the accident happened sometime in the overnight hours.

The West Virginia State Police were first called to the scene around 8:00am on Thursday morning.

Authorities are asking anyone who might have any information on the accident to please give the State Police a call: (304)-684-7101.

The Pleasants Co. Detachment of the West Virginia State Police is handling the investigation with the help of the Pleasants Co. Sheriff's Office.

UPDATE: 09/05/2013 10:05am

The Pleasants Co. Sheriff says an Ohio man was involved in a single vehicle crash.

The car then caught fire, and the driver was able to get out and then was hit by a passing car.

The time of the accident & the identity of the driver is not being released at this time.

Route 2 is expected to be closed all day Thursday.


The Pleasants Co. Sheriff Office is investigating dead body and a burned car along Route 2.

Not many details are known at this time.

But the scene is near the old Silver Spur & the old Cabot plant.

Route 2 is shut down at this time.

WTAP has a reporter headed to the scene. Stay tuned to WTAP News a& TheNewsCenter.TV for the latest as it becomes available.

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