Pleasants County Safetytown

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A fun twist on summer school - Safetytown.

It's geared toward kindergarteners.

For a week they'll get to hear from the local fire department, poison control, police and paramedics.

More than thirty teachers and teacher's aides volunteer their time to make it all happen.

"I just enjoy seeing the kids learn and just want them to be able to go out and be better equipped for life...when they get in the car they need to get buckled up and mom needs to get buckled up too," says Ted Thompson, a Pleasants County teacher.

Organizers say this event really brings the community together.

Even local businesses pitch in to help with the cost.

Safetytown has been held at Belmont Elementary for decades but due to a repavement project this year it's taking place right down the street at the school bus garage.

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