UPDATE: Man Caught With More Than 100 Pounds of Marijuana Sentenced to Federal Prison

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UPDATE 2/10/2014 1:40 PM

Four years in federal prison for a man found with more than 100 pounds of marijuana.

Last March Parkersburg Police arrested Jesus Avarado-Aboyte in one of the largest drug busts police say they've seen.

They say inside Aboyte's Avery Street home was more than 100 pounds of marijuana, a stolen gun and more than $20,000 in cash.

Aboyte pleaded guilty in August for possession with intent to deliver in a federal courtroom.

Aboyte is sentenced to four years in federal prison.

UPDATE: 3/6/2013 8:24 PM

Parkersburg Police took down a big part of the valley's marijuana business, but their investigation isn't over.

On Tuesday, police arrested Jesus Aboyte and his wife Dawn in one of the largest drug busts they've seen.

They say inside their Avery Street home was more than 100 pounds of marijuana, a stolen gun, and more than 20-thousand dollars cash.

Police seized the drugs, cash, the gun, and three cars from the house. They say most of the marijuana was packaged for sale.

Police are working to find other dealers linked to this bust.

"If they would have been able to operate for an extended period of time, getting comfortable, operating in this area, making a lot of money off the people in this region, the likelihood of them reaching out to their criminal network, wherever it is, and inviting people to come in here and set up shop with them to sell dope and make money together....if we get to that point it's really hard to get those groups out of here. It takes a lot of work and a long time," says Parkersburg Police Sergeant Greg Collins.

Sergeant Collins says Chief Martin wants detectives to follow up on all leads and make quick arrests in this case.

Even with their current low man power, they're trying to hit high value targets.

A major drug bust, one so large police say it could significantly impact marijuana distribution on both sides of the river.

One neighbor says, "there had to be something going on."

Police say what was going on at an Avery Street house was a massive drug operation.

"I've never seen a seizure this big in Parkersburg," says Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin.

From bundles of pot, to bundles to cash. More than 100 pounds of marijuana, 20 thousand dollars, a stolen gun, bullet proof vest, and cars, all found in a Parkersburg couples home.

Police arrested Jesus Aboyte, an illegal immigrant from Mexico and his wife Dawn. It's a drug bust so large, police say it will hurt drug deals on both sides of the river.

"In West Virginia in the southern district and especially here in Parkersburg, this is a pretty significant hit locally on the drug trade. I'm sure it will impact Washington County as well for a time. How long that will be is undetermined but, it's a pretty significant seizure on our part," Chief Martin says.

Two weeks of police work. It paid off. "We're trying to take control of that neighborhood back down there, with the help of the residents. This is a good start. The neighbors were oblivious this was even going on right next door to them."

Like one neighbor who didn't want to be on camera or give her name.

"I've got three small children. This is scary. I want to move. It's devastating."

While some neighbors were shocked and even scared to find out a large amount of marijuana was right next door, others say the Aboyte's are good people.

"They was cool people. They don't bother nobody. They don't do anything wrong. Pretty much give you the clothes off their back if you needed it," another neighbor says.

Other neighbors say they're not surprised, and they're just glad police are cleaning up the streets.

"There was new vehicles that were being bought. They were accumulating. They were in the front of the house and the back of the house. I'm really glad they did their thing and got people like that out of the neighborhood," a neighbor says.

"I'm really glad the Parkersburg Police Department has gotten them out of my neighborhood," says another neighbor.

Jesus' bond was set at 75 thousand dollars. Dawn's was set at 200 thousand dollars.

Police say this case has the potential to be sent to the Feds. If it does, the feds will decide wether to deport Jesus back to Mexico.

The couple's children were also in the house. CPS was called and they will handle that situation from here.

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