Police Need Help Finding Missing Area Man

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There's a mystery involving a Parkersburg man.

The last time anyone is known to have seen Carl Austin Travis, is when he stayed at a Marietta hotel more than a week ago.

Travis is stationed in the Navy in Jacksonville, Florida, and the last known sighting of him was at the Hotel Lafayette. And police need your help in finding him.

He is 22-years old, with brown hair and blue eyes, five-feet-seven and 140 pounds.

He checked into the hotel after leaving his ship in early February.

"We know that on February 9th, he left his ship, came to Charleston and was brought by a relative to Marietta," says police Capt. Jeff Waite. "He was to be back on the ship at 7 A.M. (Friday) morning, and did not show back up."

We actually heard of Travis' apparent disappearance a week ago, but it wasn't until Friday, when he was due to return to his naval ship in Florida, that he was officially declared missing.

Marietta police say that if you have any information about Travis' whereabouts-or have had any recent contact with him-you're asked to contact the Marietta Police Department as soon as possible.

The number is area code 740-373-4141.

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