Police Remind Drivers About Traveling Safely In Snow

No matter how much we get, this will be the first real snowfall of the season.

That's always an adjustment for drivers.

Police plan to be out Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning keeping an eye out for accidents.

But they want you to keep an eye out, too, not only for travel hazards, but for other drivers.

"Especially when the roads are covered...when going through green lights, make sure you check all directions," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins. "The vehicle coming toward you at the other end of the intersection may not be able to stop. That's sometimes part of the problems we see as well."

Sgt. Collins says that if you have a minor accident - meaning very little damage - just pull off to the side of the road.

If it involves more than one car, exchange information with the other driver and report it to the police later.

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