UPDATE: Man Accused of Shooting at Police Sentenced to Time at Behavioral Healthcare Center

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UPDATE 4/21/2014 12:35 PM

Accused of shooting at police, a Marietta man is found not guilty by reason of insanity.

William Ransom was found to be mentally ill and sentenced to eleven years at the Athens Behavioral Healthcare Center.

Prosecutor Kevin Rings says Ransom committed attempted murder of a police officer.

However, through a statement of facts, they found Ransom didn't understand what he was doing.

Ransom barricaded himself in his home with a shotgun December 12, 2013, but not before firing shots at police.

Bullet holes could be found in his home and at his neighbors.

The standoff lasted several hours before authorities could safely talk him out of the house.

UPDATE 2/7/14

William Bruce Ransom Jr. pleads not guilty by reason of insanity Thursday in a Washington County courtroom.

Ransom is accused of shooting at police on Spring Street in Marietta in December.

No dates have been set until evaluations are returned.


He barricaded himself with a shotgun, but not before firing shots at police.

Now 53 year old William Bruce Ransom, Jr. is behind bars.

The Marietta Police Department says it happened just after midnight Thursday morning. Police were called to 140 East Spring Street by a woman reporting her husband was threatening suicide.

Upon arrival, authorities say shots were fired at officers through the floor.

"When our officers arrived they were downstairs talk to at which time the male suspect shot through the floor at our officers. Our officers were able to get out the wife out of the home to a safe and secure area and a perimeter was set up around the home then," explains Marietta Police Captain Jeff Waite.

The standoff lasted several hours, with rounds being fired throughout the night.

The house was surrounded and negotiators put into place. Several roads were blocked off and neighbors asked to stay indoors.

Captain Jeff Waite says the decision was made to remove the man before dawn.

"During the course of the early morning hours he had fired rounds off, the decision was made that we would have to get him out of the house before daylight came. Before tear gas was used by the Special Response Team from the Sheriff's Office he had fired several rounds at our officers, deputy sheriff's and the Sheriff's SRT vehicle."

Ransom, Jr. was detained by officers and taken to the Washington County Jail by ambulance.

No one was hurt in the standoff but police do say that nearby cars and buildings were hit with the shots.

Ransom, Jr. is charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

Police will continue throughout the day to scan the area for gun shots in cars and buildings.

Marietta Police, Washington County Sheriff's Office and Ohio State Highway of Patrol all played a role in the standoff.


A man is in custody after a stand- off with Police.

The Marietta Police Department says it happened on Spring Street in the early morning hours Thursday.

Police say shots were fired as the man made suicidal threats and barricaded himself in his home on Spring Street.

Police asked everyone within a few block radius to stay in their home and they blocked off roads.

The Washington County Special Response Team also responded.

Police say later in the morning the man did shoot at police. They do say no officers were shot or injured.

The man is now in custody, taken by ambulance.

Those in the area are now allowed to leave their homes. Roads are still blocked off but are expected to be opened soon.

Marietta Police Department is asking everyone located within a two block radius of Spring Street to stay in their home until further notice.

This includes Spring Street, Colegate Drive and Green Street, Colegate Drive and Oakwood Ave.

These roads are also blocked off from all traffic.

The Washington County Sheriff's Department and Marietta Police are currently engaged in a standoff situation in Marietta.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says a man has isolated himself in a home at 140 East Spring Street, refusing to come out.

Minks says the man is armed with a shot gun and multiple shots have been fired.

The Marietta Police say this is a suicidal threat.

The area is surrounded and a special task is in place. Mincks says a negotiator is on site.

We will keep you updated with the latest.

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