Political "Burger Wars"

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The Hickory Grove Market on Ohio route 339 serves as a convienence store, deli and restaurant. It also has become, in the past four years it's been in business, a convienent place to talk politics.

"They get pretty loud in here. Everybody has an opinion, so they like to express it," says customer Aaron Anderson. "I get some pretty good entertainment sitting in here and eating my lunch and being quiet and just listening to everything."

So its owners this week asked customers to vote with burgers. Meet the conservative "Romney Burger": cheddar, ketchup and mustard, and the more liberal "Obama Burger": pepper cheese and barbeque sauce.

"I think we just wanted to lighten the mood, says Mike Abbott, Store Manager. "I think people are getting tired of the political calls at home and all the debates. I think they're just looking for something lighter now, so we went with the cheeseburger."

And it doesn't look like the candidates recent close-to-home campaign stops are affecting the "vote". Mitt Romney has taken the early lead.

"I know Obama was in Athens yesterday, but it didn't seem to help his cheeseburger," Abbott noted. "It's an eight-cheeseburger lead right now."

It might not just be because of politics that one of these burgers is more popular than the other. It might have as much to do with their personal taste, as it has to do with their political taste.

They're outselling the restaurant's regular burgers, and thanks to the outside advertising sign, even attracting a few out of town customers.

"We have regular burgers and chicken sandwiches and they're outselling both of them right now," Abbott says. "I think people like the idea."

Ever consider the " Big Bird" chicken sandwich as a contender?

"No...I don't know how much longer he'll be around, so we'll have to hold off on that."

The message the owners really want to send with this promotion, is to vote in the november election.

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