Politics and the presidential election, passionate opinions at PHS.

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Young democrats and young republicans weigh in on the upcoming election and their thoughts on the candidates.

"I'm clearly supporting Mitt Romney in the upcoming election just because I feel like Barack Obama hasn't done a sufficient job to merit a second term," says Ian Collins, a senior at Parkersburg High School. "Therefore, we need a change in leadership and I feel that Mitt Romney's the best choice."

"So any candidate that is not Mitt Romney is really the candidate that should be in office, 'cause he's a little crazy," says Hyland Markle, also a senior at PHS.

"I'm following along but I'm not really like, I don't have an opinion on who I'm gonna like, if I, I can't vote, but if I could vote, I'm not really sure," senior Sawji Mukkamala says.

"I don't believe Romney represents the American people as a whole He quoted that forty seven percent of Americans aren't his problem," senior Alena Klimas says.

And in the bigger picture, it's all about tapping into the pulse of what's going on in their world and all around the country.

"I think it's important with the election coming up that most of my students understand where they stand on the issues and what their role in society is and in government and in elections," says Nathan Yoke, a government and politics teacher at PHS.

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