Poor Marks For Mountain State Education

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The Mountain State is seriously behind when it comes to education.West Virginia is ranked 47th in the nation for education.

The 2012 Kids Count Data Book shows that 79% of the West Virginia's eighth graders aren't proficient in math and 73% of fourth graders aren't proficient in reading.

West Virginia Kids Count Executive Director Margie Hale says if a child isn't reading at the appropriate level by third grade- the student has a higher likelihood of academic failure. She says the basics of reading need to be taught sooner.

"The way we can turn this around is investing in early child development the first three years of life," Hale explains. "You know, one of the interesting things is, the first three years of life is when the foundations of reading are established."

Hale says a great number of students who are successful in school come from homes that implement the reading fundamentals early in life.

"They're being read to, they're being loved, they're being played with. Those are the foundations of literacy. And that needs to take place."

Hale says the state will continue to invest in early childhood education to help ensure greater academic success for a larger number of children.