Pope Francis Making History

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Thousands of people witnessed history as the cardinal electors chose Jorge Bergoglio as the new pope.

He will be known as Pope Francis.

The election has received a lot of buzz from everyone in the catholic church community.

"I know the people have been waiting and thought that, in fact, many were expecting them to continue on for a few more days but it came as a surprise that the cardinal electors were able to choose someone relatively quickly really," says Reverend Messenger Joseph L. Peterson of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church.

The former Argentine Cardinal is the first pope from the Americas and outside of Europe.

He is also the first Jesuit.

But the list doesn't end there.

"A number of things that are first you know, the first Francis which I think underscores his sense of humility that i think we'll witness too and his office of ministry of pope," added Reverend Peterson.

Local catholic church members are welcoming Pope Francis with open arms.

"I'm very pleased with the decision that was made. I think they will lead the church in a new direction and hopefully, the world will be a better place," replied Ginger Brock.

"I trust in the Lord that the pope is open to his guidance and that you know, he'll be moved and have people around him who will help him," Tom Linder said.

Everyone is expecting great things from the 75-year old pope.

"I think we'll see in Pope Francis, one whose heart is very much align with the poor and that he will vigorously fight for the poor, the oppressed, in our world and i think that will be very encouraging message," says Reverend Peterson.

Pope Francis is one of five siblings and the son of a railway worker.

He also holds a chemistry degree.

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