UPDATE: Evidence Released In Wilson Case

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UPDATE: 9/28/2012

Evidence was released Friday in the shooting death of Jody Wilson.

Wood County Prosecutor, Jason Wharton responded to a Freedom of Information Act request, granting WTAP evidence used in the case.

Last week, a grand jury found the Wilson fired first and deputies were only doing their jobs by shooting back.

The evidence shows pictures of multiple bullets, gun casings, and Wilson's rifle.

It also shows nine packets of drugs that were in Wilson's possession on March 17th.

Wilson's mother, Judy, has since disputed the findings saying her son didn't shoot first, and didn't know police were there.

A 911 transcript describes the events stating "he's aware deputies are all around his house."

Deputies say in statements Wilson shouted obscenities raising his rifle at them and refused to follow orders to put it down.

UPDATE: 9/25/2012

A Wood County woman stands by the memory of her late son.

"No matter what we do, I know it will not bring my son back but I would like to have the truth known."

She says she's not in denial. Jody Wilson's mother, Judy says she saw the whole thing happen.

"I was here through the whole thing. I was the only eye witness. My son deserves better than that. He was not a criminal. He was not a bad person."

Deputies fatally shot Jody in March. Last week, a Wood County grand jury cleared the deputies saying they didn't do anything wrong and Jody was the one who fired first, but his mom says that's not what happened that night.

"What I saw was totally different from what the police stated and I don't know if the grand jury even heard my side of the story. I heard the boom boom booms from the guns which they were very loud because they were close to me. I saw blood pouring out of his body and he fell over to his right side."

His family says he may have been on bath salts and that's how the fatal situation started.

"His paranoia was bad and he needed help. That's why I called 911. I was the only one here and I he needed to go to the hospital for attention."

Prosecutors point out in Judy's original statement when police asked her if Jody seemed aggressive towards the officers, Judy said, "he came running around the house and had his gun in his hand."

"My son did not charge at police, he did not fire first, he did not shout obscenities."

Judy says now she just wants justice for her son and to clear his name, but knows there's not much she can do.

"I am very willing to take a lie detector test if all the officers involved that night and sheriff sandy will do the same."

We sent a request to The Wood County Prosecutors Office for the release of evidence in the case. We should have more this week.

Sheriff Sandy and Prosecutor Jason Wharton didn't want to comment. They say they want the evidence and report from the grand jury to speak for itself.

UPDATE: 4/25/2012

The deputies who shot a man during a standoff last month are heading back to work. The Wood County Sheriff's Office has completed its internal investigation into the shooting death of Jody Wilson. The investigation shows that none of the three deputies violated any sheriff's office policies.

They opened fire on Jody Wilson in March during an incident at his mother's home in Lubeck. Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy says Wilson shot first prompting the shoot out. He says the names of the deputies involved aren't being released until the Wood County Prosecutor's Office and the West Virginia State Police complete their investigations into the shooting. The deputies returned to work Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: 3/20/2012 6:40 PM

A man was shot and killed by deputies over the weekend. Officials say he shot first but the family tells a very different story.

"I just want him back. He didn't have to die this way," Jody Wilson's best friend Jason Dickel, says.

31 year old Jody Wilson was shot and killed by deputies during an incident at his mothers home over the weekend.

"When I talked to the crisis counselor, they said that he was having a mental breakdown, I needed to call 911 and they would take him to the hospital, but that's not what happened," Judy Wilson, Jody Wilson's mother, says.

Wilson's family calls it an unnecessary death for a man who had his life together. A life that was taken too soon.

He girlfriend, Danielle White says, "he had a career. He had hobbies. He had goals and dreams and everything that every other person deserves to have."

The night of the shooting, Wilson's mother says he was hallucinating, thinking people were following him and she says he may have been on bath salts.

"I suppose it's his mind. He had been trying to quit the drugs. He told us a couple weeks ago that he had been doing some but he was trying to quit and he was doing so much better," Judy Wilson says.

Officials say when Wilson left the home, they tried to negotiate with him, but Wilson's mother, who was there, tells a different story of the nights events.

She says, "he had his gun, but his gun was down, it was not up, and I was there. I saw the police and they just shot. They all just came running at him and just starting shooting and he dropped dead. I think this is a very very unnecessary death."

And now, family and friends want justice for an act they say should've had a different outcome.

"Within moments he walked outside and he was ambushed. There was no if ands or buts, no drop your weapon, no freeze, no here let's talk about it, no stun gun. Nothing that could have been from taking his life. He could still be here and watching his nephew's grow up and being with his parents. It just should never have happened that way. I don't think it was handled the way it should have been," White says.

But Wilson's family and friends are forced to live with that outcome, hoping for closure.

"I'll never be able to see him again. Never be able to hug him and talk to him," Judy Wilson says.

The West Virginia State Police continue to investigate the incident.

UPDATE: 3/19/2012 5:14 PM

It started with a call for help and ended with fatal gunfire.

"Wood County Sheriff's Office received a call that an individual was possibly high on bath salts," Sheriff Sandy says the night of the shooting.

That individual was 32 year old Jody Wilson, who reports say acted erratically and threatened to shoot.

"The individual did in fact have multiple weapons."

Deputies arrived and tried to talk to Wilson, trying to get him to put the weapons down.

"During negotiations to get the individual to put away his weapons, the individual exited the residence and as a result, Wood County Sheriff's Office fatally shot a male individual."

Sheriff Sandy confirms Wilson left the home and started shooting at the deputies. Three of them shot back.

"Lethal use of our weapons is at a last resort. We are trained that loss of life to a law enforcement officer or to the public is when we would utilize our weapons."

The deputies are on paid administrative leave which is department policy.
"I feel that the Wood County deputies acted professionally and based on the situation i feel they acted accordingly."

A fatal ending with more questions to come.
"We wish the outcome wouldn't have happened the way it did, but we're proceeding with this."

The West Virginia State Police is investigating the shooting. No further information is being released at this time.
UPDATE: 3/19/2012 10:21 AM

Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy confirms the deceased suspect, Jody Wilson fired shots at deputies during a standoff late Saturday night.

Sheriff Sandy says Wilson brought his gun outside and didn't obey the orders of deputies and began firing shots.

The deputies then used lethal force against Wilson, after he began shooting.

UPDATE: 3/18/2012 8:55 PM

A stand off in Lubeck. Deputies with the Wood County Sheriff's Office fatally shot a man they believe was on bath salts.

"I feel that the Wood County deputies acted professionally, and based on the situation I feel they acted accordingly," says Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy.

Three deputies involved in the shooting are now on administrative leave meaning they'll get paid while the West Virginia State Police investigates.

This is normal protocol for any situation where shots are fired. And the Sheriff's Office is adjusting to the temporary loss of man power.

"We're short-handed as it is and what we're going to do. My Chief Deputy, my Captain, and Executive Officer and we are going to fill in with detectives from our Major Crime Unit to fill that void until they can come back to work," says Sheriff Sandy.

When they will return is unknown, but Sheriff Sandy says the deputies did what they are trained to do, using lethal force as a last resort.

"Officers are trained to use lethal force only when there is a potential for loss of life of the officer and loss of life of other civilians and citizens," he says.

But firing that fatal shot can cause emotional and mental stress. Those involved spoke with a professional immediately after the incident and have 24-hour access if they need it.
UPDATE: 3/18/2012 10:30 AM

The name of the person killed in a stand-off with local law enforcement officers late Saturday night has been released.

Sheriff Jeff Sandy says the victim is 32-year-old Jody Wilson.

Sandy also confirms the incident occurred at the home of Wilson’s parents off Dyes Drive in Lubeck. He says Wilson's mother was at home at the time. His father was not.

The West Virginia State Police is handling the investigation.

We will bring you updates on WTAP and WTAP.com as they become available.
UPDATE: 03/18/2012 1:02 AM

A stand off situation comes to an end with one confirmed fatality.

The shooting happened off route 68 in Lubeck. Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy says the Sheriff's Department received a call shortly after 9:45 about a man possibly high on bath salts with multiple weapons.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office, along with the Department of Natural Resources and the West Virginia State Police responded to a home on Dyes Drive. The Sheriff says during negotiations for the suspect to put away his weapons the man left the residence and, as a result, police fatally shot him.

The suspect's identification is not being released at this time except to say that he is a 32-year-old man. Sheriff Sandy confirms a woman was on scene at the time but was unharmed.

The investigation into the shooting will be handled by the West Virginia State Police because it was a Wood County deputy who fatally shot the man.

Sheriff Sandy says he approves of the way his deputies responded and that the use of firearms is always a last resort.

"Lethal use of a weapon is always a last resort," Sheriff Sandy explains. "We are trained that loss of life to a police officer or to the public is when we use our weapons."

Stay tuned to WTAP News and WTAP.com for the latest as it becomes available.
A possible standoff situation is happening Saturday night in Lubeck.

Details are limited right now.

911 dispatchers tell us a man is in possession of weapons at a home on Ridgeway Avenue off Route 68.

They say the man may be on bath salts. He is threatening to shoot. Police say there's a woman in the house as well.

Wood County Sheriff's Deputies are on scene.

No further information is available at this time.

We'll bring you the latest on WTAP and WTAP.com.

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