Potential Heavy Rain Causes Concern On Roadways

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Heavy rainfall forecast for the next week is causing some worry about the roads.

College Parkway is no stranger to flooding when it rains, but officials warn it's not just flooding to be on the lookout for.

Landslips can come out of nowhere, creating a dangerous surprise for drivers.

"Southeastern is unique in it's geography. Lots of hills and valleys, creeks and streams all feed into the river. These heavy rains not only cause flash flooding, the soil, once it gets over saturated, what can happen is it can basically give way and if that's near a roadway, could possibly cause a landslip or landslide," says ODOT Public Information Officer, Dave Rose.

Officials also want to remind you, in both Ohio and West Virginia, if you have your windshield wipers on, you must also have your headlights on.

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