Potholes Bad for Tires

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All the wicked weather and freezing and thawing is taking its toll on the roads, and potholes are not a tire's best friend.

Jeff Hickman from Mahone Tire says potholes can definitey ruin a tire.

It becomes a vicious cycle then the impact brake can blow out the sidewall, damaging your wheel.

If you bend something in the front end, that can knock everything out of alignment.

We're going to see the effects come spring.

"You wanna kind of wait it out anyway," he says. "I mean, if you go to get your alignment checked now you're gonna hit another pothole and tear it up. So as they start to fix them hopefully, then you know what I mean, you'd wanna come get them checked out... make sure everything's alright, nothing's bent."

Hickman says be careful around potholes if you can because it costs if you have to replace your tires.

$100 to $200 a tire is standard now.

And if you can't find anything used, new wheels are $300 or more.

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