Power Line Safety for First Responders

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When and how do you know downed power lines are dangerous?

It's about public safety, but also for first responders.

A tree could go up in flames and a squirrel could short out the power.

And a downed power line could be live for days.

A training and reminder of how to deal with electrical wires Tuesday at Washington State Community College.

And how powerful and dangerous they can be in different situations.

"When they go out on an accident scene, there may be a broken pole, down power lines, a power line laying on a car, things of that nature," says Ken Schilling, CEO of the Washington Electric Cooperative. "For what to do and how to safely deal with that and how to deal with an accident victim who maybe in the vehicle."

Washington Electric put on safety programs for first responders throughout Wood and Washington Counties.

Making sure in an emergency they don't become a victim as well.

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